A request for support

Good news: this site is entirely free at the point of use for all users. Bad news: this site is currently loss-making.

I love writing and researching for letslookagain.com. However there are numerous overheads related to the blog that I have to cover. Domain hosting costs around £100 a year, and subscriptions to various newspaper archives (essential for research) cost me a further £200 a year.

That’s before I add in the less tangible bills that I cover without which this site wouldn’t exist: internet, electricity, laptop, my labour etc.

At the moment I am hosting advertising, which helps to recoup a small portion of these costs. However if I am able to procure sufficient support via Patreon donations, I will be able to make the website advert-free.

If you use this site regularly, perhaps for work or just entertainment, may I suggest a modest donation of £5.

You can find the link for donations via Patreon at the bottom of the page.

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